The Heart Of EJ 2


10,000 Dollars (9-21-13)

10,000 dollars
10,000 units of power
Paper value so crispy and clean
Stacked so high
People want us
People envy us
As I spray you all over my woman
Showing her, she and money are one with us
Sweating heavily, Sucking her breast as she sticks 100 dollar bills on my body
Oh God this must be a dream
But it’s not, It’s the reality we have created
All 4 of us are 1
Breathing Harder
Screaming louder
It feels so good
And it feels so good to be RICH
10,000 ways we show love to each other
As she pulls me deeper
We are reminded that we love each other deeply
And We will never be separated
10,000 dollars can buy me a Million Dollars more
And every time we spend you
We make more of you
After all, Reproduction of you is my specialty
1 Million become 10 million Dollars
10 Million becomes 25 Million
Room FULL of money, we make love to each other
Giving money to MY woman
And she doesn’t hesitate to do the same for me
I wonder can I shove this 10,000 Dollars in her pussy hole
My stroking slows
She knows what I’m thinking and smiles dangerously
“Do it!….. Do IT Baby! ” She says while licking her lips
I grab another 10 grand off the night stand
And I shove it up her pussy
Her body arches instantly
Eyes closes
We have put her in a deep trans taking her to another world
A world Where pleasure is the norm
A World Where she feels genuinely accepted
She accepts her position as Goddess of Love and Money
Under God we rule Together
Wherever we go, we bring our World with Us

- MD Picasso